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As we have no dog friendly beaches and this end of the city has no dog park near or easily accessible to those unable to walk a steep trail I would like it considered that Johnson's beach is the perfect location to designate a dog friendly beach. It's small, remote from other beaches enough that it would cause no issues and yet easily accessible to everyone by walk, driving or bus. Leash laws could still be intact which means no fencing would be needed while allowing dogs to cool down especially on those severely hot days. Poop and scoop laws can still be enforced and all using the beach can be encouraged to report any who fail to follow it. This would mean no real cost would be placed on the city by simply allowing the animals to access the water.

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Stop fees for library loans

My name is Larry Rice an I am disabled and live on a fixed income. I live in Bloomfield NE. and recently borrowed books from a different libray. I was told I had to pay shipping of the books at a cost of $18.83 after I recieved the books and this was a standard practic in Nebraska! I think this is wrong and would like your help in correcting this FEE TO READ!

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Where to Watch WWE Raw 4th April 2016 Preview Information

This Week How to Watch Raw Online Live Full Show Free Live Broadcast comes at Apr 4 | 6:30 PM on USA Network & Sky in at American Airlines Center Dallas, TX Event: Watch WWE Raw 4/4/16 Preview: The Monday Night Raw after WrestleMania has always been simply historic. But, in the wake of a The Showcase of Immortals that truly turned WWE upside down, what will be in store for WWE’s Flagship show? has some ideas. Quick Hits What does the future hold for Raw? Who’s coming after the all-new WWE Women’s Championship? Is John Cena returning to Raw? How does Ambrose come back from the carnage? How long can WrestleMania’s Cinderella Man make the moment last?

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Create a new park

You know what would make this lovely place even more lovely? A new park! Please consider it.

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This is something my administration is actively considering.

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