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Legislative Update - 2014 Legislative Session Coming to an End

By Administrator, on Apr 11, 2014

This Thursday marked Day 59 of our 60 day session here at the Legislature.  Session will meet for its final day next Thursday. The majority of our week was spent advancing the few remaining bills through to the end of the legislative process.  This required quite a few late nights for us and we got through the majority of bills that were left on the agenda.

Legislative Update - Legislature Overrides Governor of Budget Line-Item Vetoes

By Administrator, on Apr 4, 2014

Several big issues were tackled this week and with only a few days of session remaining, we are continuing our work into the late night hours.  On Tuesday, we spent most of the morning and part of the afternoon discussing overriding various vetoes made by the Governor on the three budget bills.  The Appropriations Committee recommended overrides on the majority of the vetoes made, including the vetoes on replacing the Capitol HVAC system, on the funding to Game and Parks, and on the funding to behavioral health aid and job training, among others.

Legislative Update - LB697 & LB698 Selected to Consent Calendar

By Administrator, on Mar 28, 2014

At the end of this week we will have less than 10 days left of this legislative session.  On Monday, we spent the afternoon taking up bills on a special agenda called consent calendar.  Consent calendar is made up of bills that are non-controversial and do not have a fiscal impact.  I had two bills on consent calendar this year, LB697 and LB698.  LB697 would require the Department of Revenue to publish a list of tax delinquent properties across the state on its website.

Legislative Update - Medicaid Expansion Fails

By Administrator, on Mar 21, 2014

With only a few more weeks of session remaining, the Legislature began its late night schedule this week.  Late nights give us more time to get through the day’s agenda and will allow us to tackle as many bills as we can until we adjourn on Day 60.  On Wednesday, we debated the second round of the three budget bills put forward by the Appropriations Committee.  There was some additional discussion on some items in the mainline budget bill, but in the end all three bills have been advanced to final reading.

Legislative Update - Budget Bills Advance Through the Legislature

By Administrator, on Mar 14, 2014

On Monday we reached Day 40 of our 60 day session, marking the start of the final weeks of debate here in Lincoln.  Our priority this week was to get the budget bills through general file.  We advanced all three bills on Tuesday.  There was much discussion generated regarding certain items in the mainline budget bill and I anticipate we will see more debate when the bills come up again on select file.